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Lord forgive me
In my haste to defend myself
I forgot you are the reason for breath
My unclean lips did not turn to you in
My pain
You are the only one who can bless
You alone can give me the words
You are the one who makes sense of my tangled heart
I am your love, your bride
And I turned a blind eye to your need
There is nothing without you
Darkness apart from you
My heart was heavy and burdened by words
Names that are ill fitting to my soul
I am love becuase you are love
Your truth will bear out
You are perfectly winged bird that takes to the skies and tames the currents
You are my creator and I am perfectly crafted as your vessel.
I will not give these thoughts a foot hold in my heart or mind
I claim your truth and hold it close
I wear your grace as a cloak
Your name written on my soul
Your praise on my lips
I am humbled by my ignorance and haste to independence.
Forgive my human heart and wavering spirit
Take my rebellion and turn it to good
I worship you

little ole me

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