You are the evening sun that warms me while I watch my son play
You are the kiss of the breeze on my shoulder
You are the smell after a new rain on the pavement
You are the joy that bubbles in my throat when I see all that I have been given
You are the reds and the blues, the grays and greens
You inhabit the deepest part of me and help me see your creation as you made it
You are a divine Creator
Wonder and breadth cannot explain
You are in the delicate and the bold
The wings and the flight
You see all things, Master of all things
Your detail is in the plumage of the fowl and the legs of a stallion
You encompass power and beauty
Your nature defines the universe
Your love the definition of praise
My love for you soars beyond my lips
I cannot express in words your ability to move me, to wildly praise you
I pursue you with reckless abandon