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Lord, I am devestated.
I have prayed to feel your pain for your children
To gain your passion
Lord, I cannot stop the tears
The deep grief
How selfish is our human race!
That babes would not be given a fighting chance
That nourishment would never once touch their lips before they were taken to your throne room
That they would never feel their mothers breath on their cheek, whispering words of love
How demeaning are we to close our doors
Our ears
Our hearts
That we refuse to be touched by these
Small bundles
Their fingers out stretched, gasping against the pain
Oh lord save us! We are heathens in beautiful robes
We sing and laugh, live and pray
Shutting the heart wrenching images away deep in our minds
Who are we to call ourselves your children?
We who remain immobile but have the ability to save
Forever burn the image of starvation and pain into my spirit so I may not forget your children
Move me to save
Enable me to heal
Open the flood gate Lord
Let me not forget

little ole me

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