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You are the evening sun that warms me while I watch my son play
You are the kiss of the breeze on my shoulder
You are the smell after a new rain on the pavement
You are the joy that bubbles in my throat when I see all that I have been given
You are the reds and the blues, the grays and greens
You inhabit the deepest part of me and help me see your creation as you made it
You are a divine Creator
Wonder and breadth cannot explain
You are in the delicate and the bold
The wings and the flight
You see all things, Master of all things
Your detail is in the plumage of the fowl and the legs of a stallion
You encompass power and beauty
Your nature defines the universe
Your love the definition of praise
My love for you soars beyond my lips
I cannot express in words your ability to move me, to wildly praise you
I pursue you with reckless abandon

Lord, please grant me the promises in Ephesians.
I need your power and your life.
I need your wisdom to steer my
My situation seems impossible but within you there are no walls
Search my heart and tell me what is right.
I do not want to harm
But I have to ask the question
When is enough enough?
I am to love at all times but when do I stop and place boundaries?
How do I decide the difference between need and manipulation.
Lord this decsion is too big for me
My heart is too involved.
Please make my path evident and my heart sure.
Give me contentment in whatever you decide.

Sweet Lord, I focus in what is good.
I mediate on your character.
You are loyal to me, You will never fail me.
When my relationships on earth fall
short, leave me wounded. You ALONE will be constant.
You are forever the same.
When my hands fail
When I cannot lift my eyes for shame
You will cup my chin
You will kiss my face
You will raise it heavenward

You are my center, my refrence point.
You are the reason my heart beats
You have pulled me to you.
I cannot fall from your grasp.

Only you would combine a sunset and a snow storm to take my breath away. Thank you Lord for the glimpse of your creativity and love.

Lord, you are my carpenter.
You have taken me and cut me into shape
You have smoothed my rough edges
Gone with the grain
You have brought out my deep color
Richer in hue than I could have imagined
You not only knew my potential before you started but also knew my place within your plans
You have cut away the diseased wood,
The places overtaken by decay
I was once a sappling but you have grown me from your everlasting spring
I have grown strong and tall, limbs ever reaching for you.
You knew when to harvest me, when I was to fulfill your purpose.

Sweet Lord, tonight I have no words
Your majesty is breathtakingly indescribable
Your magnitude defys every phrase these lips can cry out
Come tuck yourself into me
Abide in and love me
Let me wrap you in my arms and kiss your hand
Let me praise you for your sweet surrender that saved me
I worship you
Your search me and know me
Know my secrets
Know my private shame
And love me still
Your generosity drags me to my knees
Your grace is freeing
In your shadow I will walk
In your law I will abide

Lord give me grace
I have brought darkness into my life
I opened my mind to works not of you
My spirit has been lashed about
And I am broken and weary

Lord give me redemption
My lips are unclean to worship you
My heart is devasted with in me
I cannot see beyond myself
And all I see is darkness

Lord give me hope
My life has been one of sin
I have closed my eyes to you
I have given my affection to ones undeserving and now I am undone

In your perfect love heal me
In your infinite forgiveness do not turn from me
In your name wash away my sins

little ole me

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