I can smell You on the wind
The damp stems are a testament to Your arrival
You are the petals of the softest flower
The yellows and pinks opening for the blush of spring
The newly sprouted fern pushing to the top
and I, like these delicates, am flexing my fingers
Stretching toward the sun
Thirsting for Your rain
Your love stretches over me like ivy on iron
Growing up and away from the soil
Cut away my growth, ready me for Spring
Bring Your rain, Your sun, Your wind
I am ready to push through toward You

*written with thoughts of Gladwell’s breakthrough post turning over in my heart

Sweet Jesus, show me what I am hiding from.
I can feel the edges, the shape of the thing but cannot see through the bag it is hiding in.
I know that it is detouring my thoughts to a place I would rather not traverse.
I know that I want to hide, to not be known.
I am hiding my small self between words, collapsing into someone elses thoughts.
I feel as if I am behind a barred window, rattling the casing.
Stab holes in my shell so I can see past myself into You
You are my beacon and i will gravitate toward you always.

Thank you for the quiet
For the night that is so still
The stars firmly hold their place behind the clouds
Raising my eyes heavenward
I praise you for this day
For your vastness
For your comfort that spreads across my house like a breeze
The current washes away the day
And brings laughter
Thank you for loving me enough to give me my boys
Small arms wrapped around me help me remember how much more you love me
His heart beat is so small, bird like
But even you watch the sparrow
We are safe in your arms
Your hands never tire

You are the evening sun that warms me while I watch my son play
You are the kiss of the breeze on my shoulder
You are the smell after a new rain on the pavement
You are the joy that bubbles in my throat when I see all that I have been given
You are the reds and the blues, the grays and greens
You inhabit the deepest part of me and help me see your creation as you made it
You are a divine Creator
Wonder and breadth cannot explain
You are in the delicate and the bold
The wings and the flight
You see all things, Master of all things
Your detail is in the plumage of the fowl and the legs of a stallion
You encompass power and beauty
Your nature defines the universe
Your love the definition of praise
My love for you soars beyond my lips
I cannot express in words your ability to move me, to wildly praise you
I pursue you with reckless abandon

Lord, please grant me the promises in Ephesians.
I need your power and your life.
I need your wisdom to steer my
My situation seems impossible but within you there are no walls
Search my heart and tell me what is right.
I do not want to harm
But I have to ask the question
When is enough enough?
I am to love at all times but when do I stop and place boundaries?
How do I decide the difference between need and manipulation.
Lord this decsion is too big for me
My heart is too involved.
Please make my path evident and my heart sure.
Give me contentment in whatever you decide.

Father, I do not know which way to go.
I sit here immobile. I feel selfish and despicable.
It was too much too quick but now I feel obligated to do such an ill fitting task.
My mind is willing but, literally, my
Body is weak.
The weight of the responsibility weighs heavy on me.
My earthly counsel tells me I cannot do it today but how can I leave her lying there even as my body aches and my duties go undone?
I am at an crux in my thinking.
Is the guilt a nudging from you or is that my own diseased mind?
Am I at my limit or do I push further?
I want you to take pleasure in me
I want to do your will
Please speak to me
Do not leave me in the valley
Enable me to walk in your path

Lord, help me to be simple in my needs
Give me a servant’s heart
Allow me to be what I need to be to her
Give me the strenght to be her legs and arms
Thank you Lord for her love for you and for the miracles you have created through her broken body
Make me honorable to you
Lord, if this is not where I am to be help me untangle myself
Let there be someone ready to step in and take my place

You are a strong.
You are my bones and sinews when I am broken and on thr floor
You will not leave me wounded.

You are a protector.
I crave your presence and your light.
Cover me with your wing when darkness closes in.

You are a constant Father.
Unpausing and unfailing
There is nothing impossible within you
And nothing possible without you.

Sweet Lord, I focus in what is good.
I mediate on your character.
You are loyal to me, You will never fail me.
When my relationships on earth fall
short, leave me wounded. You ALONE will be constant.
You are forever the same.
When my hands fail
When I cannot lift my eyes for shame
You will cup my chin
You will kiss my face
You will raise it heavenward

You are my center, my refrence point.
You are the reason my heart beats
You have pulled me to you.
I cannot fall from your grasp.

Only you would combine a sunset and a snow storm to take my breath away. Thank you Lord for the glimpse of your creativity and love.

little ole me

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